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Fast Folk Musical Magazine, The: Vol. 4, #7: Cross Country [sound recording]

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Eberhardt, Cliff  Search this
Dann, Mark  Search this
De Haven, Liz  Search this
Handa, Aruna  Search this
MacArthur, Kiera  Search this
Mondlock, Buddy  Search this
Polisher, Rachel  Search this
Gillette, Steve  Search this
Olsen, Kristina  Search this
Claflin, Brian  Search this
Blumenfeld, Hugh 1958-  Search this
Starobin, Danny  Search this
Palmer, Lillie  Search this
Kollar, Bill  Search this
Kelly, Kirk  Search this
Roland, Annie  Search this
Chapman, Carrie  Search this
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Seitz, David  Search this
Meyer, Richard A.  Search this
Physical description:
1 phonograph record : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in
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Phonograph records
United States
MAR 1988
1) Everything is Almost Gone
(Cliff Eberhardt)
Cliff Eberhardt - Guitar & Vocal
Mark Dann- Electric Bass
2) Angel Child
(Liz DeHaven)
Liz DeHaven- Guitar & Vocal
3) When it Comes to the Crunch
(Frank Klaasen)
Aruna Handa, Frank Klaasen,
Kiera MacArthur, To Roedding- Vocals
4) Aunt Anna
(Buddy Mondlock)
Buddy Mondlock- Guitar & Vocal
Rachel Polisher- Harmony Vocals
5) The Erl King
(Steve Gillette)
Steve Gillette- Guitar & Vocal
Recorded by Bill Kollar at
London by Night Studios
Woodbridge, NY
6) I'm Keeping this Life of Mine
(Kristina Olsen)
Kristina Olsen-Guitar & Vocal
7) Row
(Laurie McCloud)
Rachel Polisher- Guitar & Vocal
Brian Claflin-Guitar and Vocal
1) America the Beautiful
(Hugh Blumenfeld)
Hugh Blumenfeld- Guitar, Vocal,
& Emulator II Digital Sampler
David Seitz- Guitar & Emulator II
Digital Sampler
2) When the Lights Go Out
(Michael Otterberg)
Danny Starobin- Guitar & Vocal
and Emulator II Digital Sampler
Junior- RX-IIProgramming
3) Canvas
(Lillie Palmer)
Lillie Palmer-Guitar, Vocal and
Emulator II Digital Sampler
Mark Dann- Electric Bass, EmulatorII
Digital Sampler and Acoustic Guitar
4) The Auctioneer
(Fred Kollar)
Fred Kollar- Guitar & Vocal
5) Dead Aid
(Kirk Kelly)
Kirk Kelly- Guitar & Vocal
6) Pony Girl
(Annie Roland/ Carrie Chapman)
Annie Roland- Guitar & Vocal
Carrie Chapman- Vocal & Percussion
This Album was produced by Hugh Blumenfeld & David Seitz
Recorded at Synergy Sound,Gret Neck Long Island, except for
"The Earle King", recorded by Bill Kollar at London By Night Studios
Woodbridge, NJ
Special thanks to Jim Williamson and Peter Kehoe from Studer,Inc. for keeping my Studer 8-80 up and running; Jeff Pulver for the use of his Nakamichi DMP-100 Digital Processor; Dr. Elaine Seitz for feeding most of the artists during these recording sessions.
This album was funded in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts. Fast Folk is also funded in part by subscriptions and individual donations.
New York-Great Neck-David Seitz
The Fast Folk Myusical Magazine
is published by the Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Inc.
a not for profit corporation
PO Box 938 Village Station
New York, NY 10014
ISSN # 8755-9137
Richard Meyer
Associate Editor
Hugh Blumenfeld
Recording Engineer
David Seitz
Assistant Engineer
Marjorie Steiner
Office Manager
Josh Joffen
Treasurer/ Marketing
Ray Lewis
Art Director
Giancarlo Biagi
Assistant Art Directors
Jill Berkee
Germana Pucci
Cover Production Consultant
Kim Llewellyn
Computer Filing
Sharon Fagan
Legal Consultant
Ray Korona
Photo Editor
Barbara Krinitz
Record Review Editor
Josh Joffen
General Staff & Contributors
Beverly Bark, Jackson Braider, David Brown
Roger Dietz, Mitch Fitzco, Irving Glazer,
Jack Hardy, Gerry Hinson, Paul Kaplan,
John Kruth, Christine Lavin, Lillie Palmer,
Blaze Perillo, Brian Rose, Jay Rosen,
Sherwood Ross, David Roth, Peter Spencer
Editor n' Chef
Germana Pucci
Editorial: Cross Country-Richard Meyer
Coffeehouses: A History- P.J. Cocciarella
Frank Tedesso- Al Schere
Folk Meets the Market place- William Ruhlman
Record Reviews
On the Record
Recording location: New York-Great Neck
Track information:
101. Everything is Almost Gone / Cliff Eberhardt, Mark Dann. Guitar,Bass
102. Angel Child / Liz De Haven. Guitar
103. When it Comes to the Crunch / Aruna Handa, Kiera MacArthur, Catchpenny. Klassen, Frank
104. Aunt Anna / Buddy Mondlock, Rachel Polisher. Guitar
105. The Erl King / Steve Gillette. Guitar
106. I'm Keeping This Life of Mine / Kristina Olsen. Guitar
107. Row / Rachel Polisher, Brian Claflin. Guitar. McCloud, Laurie
201. America the Beautiful / Hugh Blumenfeld, David Seitz. Guitar,Keyboards
202. When the Lights Go Out / Danny Starobin. Guitar,Keyboards. Otterberg, Michael
203. Canvas / Lillie Palmer, Mark Dann. Guitar,Keyboards
204. Auctioneer / Bill Kollar. Guitar
205. Dead Aid / Kirk Kelly. Guitar
206. Pony Girl / Annie Roland, Carrie Chapman, Barely Lace. Percussion,Guitar
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