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Bacon, Henry 1839-1912  Search this
Goodwin, Philip Lippincott 1885-1958  Search this
Manning, Harry F  Search this
Mitchell, James A  Search this
Perkins, G. Holmes (George Holmes)  Search this
Platt, Charles A (Charles Adams) 1861-1933  Search this
Rogers, Isaiah 1800-1869  Search this
Smithmeyer, John L. -1908  Search this
Warren, Owen G  Search this
Bredlow, Thomas G  Search this
Cronin, J. Richard  Search this
Kington, L. Brent (Louis Brent) 1934-2013  Search this
Turley, Frank  Search this
Paley, Albert  Search this
Goodman, Percival  Search this
Notman, John 1810-1865  Search this
Mills, Robert 1781-1855  Search this
Renwick, James 1818-1895  Search this
Cluss, Adolph 1825-1905  Search this
Saarinen, Eero 1910-1961  Search this
Arts and Industries Building (Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Cluss & Schulze  Search this
George Washington Memorial  Search this
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  Search this
History and Technology Building (Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Hornblower & Marshall  Search this
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National Institute  Search this
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Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory  Search this
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Tracy and Swartwout  Search this
Smithson Memorial  Search this
Totten and Rogers  Search this
Samuel Yellin Metalworkers  Search this
Smithsonian Gallery of Art  Search this
Smithsonian Institution Building (Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Barney Studio House (Washington, D.C.)  Search this
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Physical description:
81.56 cu. ft. (65 map case drawers) (6.10 non-standard size boxes)
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Architectural drawings
Collection descriptions
Mall, The (Washington, D.C.)
(1) Inventory of drawings of the Smithsonian Institution Building, Arts and Industries Building, and partial inventory of drawings of the Natural History Building prepared by the Curator of the Smithsonian Institution Building.
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By building or subject and chronologic thereunder
The Archives contains lithographs, photographs, original architectural renderings, blueprints, plans, and survey maps of Smithsonian buildings, proposed buildings, monuments, and the Smithsonian grounds and Mall area. The original Smithsonian Institution Building is the best documented, from 1846 to the renovation in 1965, including original renderings by John Notman, Isaiah Rogers, and Owen G. Warren, 1846, James Renwick, Jr., 1846-1848, and Cluss and Schulze renovation plans, 1884-1887. Also included are blueprints and drawings related to the Mall from 1841, in particular, photostatic copies of Robert Mills' proposal for a National Institute building on the Mall, 1841, and the original survey of the Smithsonian grounds, 1847; floorplan of the National Institute in the old Patent Office Building, 1840; Arts and Industries renderings and blueprints, including proposed drawings by Cluss and Schulze, John L. Smithmeyer, and Hornblower and Marshall; an original floor plan of the Freer Gallery of Art by Charles A. Platt, 1913; the Astrophysical Observatory; the Barney Studio House; the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; History and Technology Museum; copies of drawings for the proposed National Gallery of Art (never constructed) by Charles A. Platt, 1924; the Natural History Building, including reproductions of plans and renderings by Hornblower and Marshall, 1901-1910; the National Zoological Park; photographs of the old Patent Office Building, and blueprints regarding the renovation of the building, 1962 (now called the American Art and Portrait Gallery Building).
In addition there are original renderings of the proposed Smithsonian Gallery of Art, 1939 (never constructed), by Eero Saarinen, Percival Goodman, Philip Lippincott Goodwin, Harry F. Manning, James A. Mitchell, G. Holmes Perkins, and Peter and Stubbins; copies of sketches for the proposed George Washington Memorial by Tracy and Swartwout (never constructed); competition drawings for a proposed Smithson Memorial, 1904-1905, by Totten and Rogers, and Hornblower and Marshall, including two Henry Bacon drawings, 1904; and Smithson crypt gate competition design drawings by Thomas G. Bredlow, J. Richard Cronin, Frank Turley, L. Brent Kington, Samuel Yellin Metalworkers, and Albert Paley, 1975.
Repository Loc.:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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SIA RU000092
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