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[Trade catalogs from General Electric Co.]

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Company Name:
General Electric Co.  Search this
Related companies:
Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd., Toronto, Canada; Carboloy Co., Detroit, MI; Cooper-Hewitt Electric Co., Hoboken, NJ; Fort Wayne Electric Works, Fort Wayne, IN; General Electric Co., Ltd., London, England; Ivanhoe-Regent Works, Cleveland, OH; Samson Tractor Co., Janesville, WI; Samson Sieve-Grip Tractor Co., Stockton, CA; Victor X-Ray Co., Chicago, IL. ; Hotpoint Electric Heating Co. (Ontario, CA) ; GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc. ; M-O Valve Co., Ltd. (London, United Kingdom) ; General Electric Vapor Lamp Co. ; Cunningham Tubes ; Chemical Dept. (Pittsfield, MA) ; Metallurgy Div. ; Clock & Timer Dept. (Ashland, MA)  Search this
Notes content:
Oversize. Boxes, books, and envelopes organized as follows: air conditioning and refrigeration ; appliances ; automobiles and buses ; aviation ; boats and ships ; "GE Bulletin" ; cables, wires and wiring ; capacitors ; catalogs ; circuit breakers ; control ; "Electrical Developments"; electronics ; general-business ; general-science ; general product information ; generators ; furnaces ; heating ; indexed publications ; instruction books ; instruments ; lighting ; lightning protection ; metallurgy ; meters ; misc. equipment ; motors ; parts bulletins ; photographic equipment ; plastics and chemicals ; power equipment ; radio and television ; railroads ; station equipment ; switches ; switch gears ; technical papers ; transformers ; turbines ; welding ; x-ray ; "Fort Wayne Electric Works Bulletins". GE all purpose mixer appliance catalog is found in: TX715. R43 NMAH Culinary History collection. 1989 GE Capacitor handbook ; dry type transformer ; panel meters ; electronic controls ; form G motors ; fan-cooled motors ; AC / DC motors ; LEDs ; solid state relays ; glow lamps ; indicator and circuit components ; sub-miniature lamps ; solid state lamps ; silicone lubricants ; silicone greases ; silicone rubber ; " LEXAN " plastic ; "Optoelectronics Manual" ; employee benefits plan document ; "One Hundred Publications of the General Electric Company 1878-1978" ; "General Electric Goes to War" (WWII war production)...this comprises the uncataloged portion
Trade catalog, price lists, manual, samples, photographs and histories
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Types of samples:
Physical description:
9905 pieces; 275 boxes
Type of material:
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
Schenectady, New York, United States
Date range:
Topic (Romaine term):
Appliances (household)  Search this
Automobiles and automotive equipment (including trucks and buses)  Search this
Aviation (aircraft; balloons; etc.)  Search this
Boats and ships (including marine hardware and supplies)  Search this
Ceramics; pottery; glass; crystal; china; bricks; and stones  Search this
Chemicals and chemical products  Search this
Clocks and watches (including clock-making and watch-making equipment)  Search this
Computers and computer equipment  Search this
Electrical apparatus and equipment  Search this
Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.  Search this
Fairs and exhibitions  Search this
Furnaces and boilers  Search this
Garden and lawn equipment and supplies  Search this
Heating; ventilation and air conditioning  Search this
Industrial equipment or mechanical machinery (including supplies and components)  Search this
Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment  Search this
Lighting (electric; gas; candle; oil; etc.)  Search this
Machine tools and metalworking equipment  Search this
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies  Search this
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)  Search this
Mining machinery; equipment and supplies  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Plastics and rubber  Search this
Pumping machinery and air compressors  Search this
Radios and radio equipment  Search this
Railroad; streetcar; subway and tramway equipment and supplies  Search this
Refinery equipment  Search this
Scientific and optical instruments  Search this
Sound recording and playback equipment (including phonographs; microphones; and phonograph records)  Search this
Television  Search this
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Aeronautics  Search this
Air conditioning  Search this
Air-compressors  Search this
Airplanes  Search this
Airships  Search this
Armed Forces -- Equipment  Search this
Audio equipment industry  Search this
Automobiles  Search this
Balloons  Search this
Boats and boating  Search this
Boilers  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Candles  Search this
Ceramics  Search this
Chemicals  Search this
Clocks and watches  Search this
Computers  Search this
Electric apparatus and appliances  Search this
Engines  Search this
Fairs  Search this
Furnaces  Search this
Garden ornaments and furniture  Search this
Garden tools  Search this
Glass  Search this
Heating  Search this
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